LearningWilds Mascot Naming Competition

LearningWilds has 4 mascots in its logo: an elephant, a bird, a turtle and a monkey, none of whom has a name.

Why Read This Stuff?

This web site made a substantive change in direction a little more than six months ago.

A New Ride

Anyone involved In homeschooling is heading the right direction from the Big Education wreck.


Apple's Best Kept Secret for Home Learning

Open Source Software

Zorro? No, Zotero

Heroes don't necessarily need to be dressed in black, swash-buckling, suave, and masked.

Getting Really Portable

You've heard plenty about Open Source Software on LearningWilds, and this one is great for Windows because it involves Open Source.

Further Into Open Source

The recent article "Getting Started with Open Source", covered some options for trying out O

Planning for Teaching

A New Ride: Extra's

So far the A New Ride series has looked at regular homeschool co-op activities and resource

A New Ride: Resource Management

The last installment of the A New Ride series discussed ways that we can act within regular

A New Ride: Member Contribution

Online Resource Reviews

You Should See This

Most of the online reviews here are for the actual sources of videos or other materials, so this one is a bit different.

Technology in a Primitive Light

Perhaps it's becoming a bit obvious, but the term technology is given some space for interpretation here on LearningWilds.

Beyond Print

Being the big guy in the world of the printing press, the namesake of this web site was definitely about print.


Zotero and the Big6

The features and capabilities in Zotero are great for keeping a permanent library of online information for p