Replacing the Titanic

The numbers show up in the media frequently. Whether we recognize it or not, the majority of us in the "homeschooling" crowd (in the U.S.

Mission Update

As a result of some reflection, the LearningWilds Mission Statement has been clarified.

Scuttled 2

For anyone used to more practical thoughts about learning, sorry about the recent lapses into bird's eye perspective.


Apple's Best Kept Secret for Home Learning

Open Source Software

Zorro? No, Zotero

Heroes don't necessarily need to be dressed in black, swash-buckling, suave, and masked.

Getting Really Portable

You've heard plenty about Open Source Software on LearningWilds, and this one is great for Windows because it involves Open Source.

Further Into Open Source

The recent article "Getting Started with Open Source", covered some options for trying out O

Planning for Teaching

Un-Quantification 2

Let's do some pretending.

Fun with the Big6

With all of the business about skills, curriculum, growth, projects and things, talking about using the Big6 can see


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Online Resource Reviews

Top of the List?

The sources reviewed here are mostly chosen because of overall outstanding quality and usefulness for homeschooling.

Get the Glow

Sometimes preparing learning activities can tyrannically keep us running in a survival state.

Broaden the Spotlight

Career Spotlight is a nice place to start thinking about careers, but you might want to go f


Zotero and the Big6

The features and capabilities in Zotero are great for keeping a permanent library of online information for p