Welcome to LearningWilds!

Hello! Great to see you!
You have come upon the humble beginnings of this website. Right now there is not much to see, but the content will develop over time. There are good things coming!

LearningWilds hopes to be a place where information and community will work through basic language and clear presentation. The goal is to provide access to transforming technology for learning.

Technology is often openly available but unused. Steep learning curves, burdensome detail, lack of information, expense, convoluted resources and other blocks can cause frustration or disinterest. This site hopes to reduce those problems.

The words 'free', 'sustainable' and 'FOSS' will appear frequently on this site. These ideas could be misinterpreted-- 'free' should be interpreted as more than 'without cost'. To be 'wild' enough, learners should free from more than inhibitive costs. Freedom from manipulation, extraction of personal information and invasion of privacy are also necessary for uninhibited learning. These are a few of the values held in the LearningWilds.

Please follow as we continue to grow!