Writing and Publishing

Preparing for this workshop is fun! Doing so requires a bit of reaching back into things past put together with playing with current interests and researching a few things that are not-so-polished. This could be a whole course. . . For details, see the workshop outline.


The Writing and Publishing workshop went quite well. Although there were a few bumps with the e-mail system and school wikis at first (the servers were under maintenance at the time) we all had a lot of fun. Aaron, the assistant leader, was very helpful and we had fun working together. The 4 hours went way too quickly-- guess I was a bit over-prepared because there was good amount left over. Altogether, I believe some important long-term gains were made. Participants stated interest in more, so that is a good sign. This workshop would be great to expand upon. With some development, it could make for a very nice 3-4 day training program. A number of ideas came up in the process that could really be used for separate workshops or courses as well. Looking forward to next opportunity. . .