Web 2.0?

As content grows on this site, you will probably notice little mention of web 2.0 services. Although there are great web services out there which do phenomenal things, this site will focus more on local and locally controllable technologies-- more in the area of walled gardens.

The reasons for this direction are:
1) Although somewhat amazingly, there are places which still suffer the lack of infrastructure to support a strong dependency upon constant web-connection. This may be due to budget, geography, political or organizational situation or perhaps a combination of these. The LearningWilds' focus is to support learning in as wide a spectrum of situations as possible. Therefore, conversation here will generally lean toward software and other things that can make the greatest possible of immediate resources.
2) Web 2.0 services are typically connected to data-hungry, invasive organizations or systems. Although social networking sites and the like may be exciting and/or well-meaning, they can also be abusive of individual privacies and often feed into an increasingly voyeuristic society. LearningWilds tends to avoid such systems because of a belief in individual freedom, which also includes freedom from control or manipulation relating to personal data.

Despite these intentions, there will undoubtedly come a service or services which will be so good that inclusion on the LearningWilds will be necessary. This will probably occur in the rare situation(s) where the organization responsible has a very solid ethical record and background regarding services, data and privacy along with a very good use policy.