For the most part, slots for online resources reviewed here are saved for more out of the way sites that are not typically intended as material for kids or homeschooling. This is done with a purpose, however, this review goes somewhat against the grain.

It's Okay to be Smart is aimed more towards kids, and it is fairly mainstream. In fact this is a YouTube channel produced by PBS. The videos released here have enough endearing qualities that it was more or less asking to be reviewed.

Or maybe because they gave serious analysis to whether there could be a real Minecraft planet.

If you imagine Half as Interesting with a stronger science influence and repurposed for a younger audience, that's about where it lands. Apart from considering the deep cosmological implications of Minecraft, the series might ruminate about your breakfast cereal, discuss where your split-level on Mars might come from or how a dog became your best friend.

In fitting with its PBS pedigree, It's Okay comes with well-produced graphics, good video and strategically-placed bad jokes with extended "d'ya get it's." Unlike most resources reviewed here, one of the biggest reasons you would want to preview them is to make sure they fit your child's level of understanding. Where some episodes could go alright around middle elementary age, a number of them are complex and might be better off in the upper middle years to high school range. Just try not to let on that you previewed all of them.

Most episodes do stay fairly purposeful, though some can get a bit fact-y along with the complexity mentioned before. The videos usually measure in at 4-8 minutes in length, so they are good for fitting into corners or starting conversation.

YouTube ads do appear with seemingly random videos on the channel. This is another good reason to keep up the preview ethic, as channels do not always seem to have complete control over what they end up with. You could also benefit from being prepared for some potentially impending science conversations.

For science discussions with a little different angle, It's Okay to be Smart is a good choice. Being that it is from PBS, you can have a pretty good idea of what to expect. The series has a very well-developed collection, so you can plan on it indefinitely. And they like to encourage us toward curiosity.

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