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Career Spotlight is a nice place to start thinking about careers, but you might want to go further. In that case, the place for you is careeronestop.

This site is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, and will give you plenty of career information. There are hundreds of videos about careers on this site, including things many of us probably haven't heard of. If you ever considered being a Faller, Gaming Cage Worker, Hydrologist or something else, they've got you covered.

Unlike Career Spotlight, this site is meant for a more general audience and not specifically for kids. This typically works out to career reviews using more technical language. But it would not be surprising if high school guidance offices frequently use this site.

Careeronestop is clearly growing their video library on a regular basis. There are two main types of videos on this site, older videos and newer ones. The older videos are generally low resolution with closed captioning. The newer videos are good high resolution video. The newer ones tend toward better production, though the older ones aren't bad when you overlook the resolution. Videos are mostly from 1 to 3 minutes in length and briefly discuss standard basic information about careers. There are actually a number of categories other than career review videos as well, and a well stocked collection of career reviews narrated in Spanish (which could also be great for exploring specialized vocabulary).

Interestingly, the older videos seem to work universally, where the newer ones can have video and/or audio problems on iOS. It seems the site probably uses ActiveX or something for streaming, which does not go well with Safari, Firefox or iCab. At any rate, a non-mobile operating system should do the trick (sorry, couldn't test on Android). In the case you are stuck on iOS without sound, most of the new videos come with video transcripts alongside.

As this site is aimed at people interested specifically in career development, it offers information along with the videos. Especially the new videos come with information about the average salary for the career, estimates about prospects in the market and other things, which are related to other sections of the site.

Despite some foibles, careeronestop offers solid information about a substantial number of careers. Though the discussion level could be most applicable for older kids looking towards working age, this site can offer homeschoolers a good way to fold some authentic context into daily conversation and experience. With the career information resources available on the site, it could certainly work with an extended focus project on careers as well.

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