LearningWilds Mascot Naming Competition

LearningWilds has 4 mascots in its logo: an elephant, a bird, a turtle and a monkey, none of whom has a name. So this is your chance to have some input and win a prize.


Come up with names for the 4 LW mascots with explanations for why they are fitting to the character, submit your ideas in writing with basic contact information (email address so we can contact you in the event you win) via private message to the LW Facebook page on or before February 28, 2018.

Each person may enter 1 time only, with a limit of 1 name submitted for each mascot.

Final names chosen for mascots will be used in abbreviated form (I.e.- Bob in place of Robert). Priority for final name selection will follow most popular, most appropriate based on competition guidelines and most complete reasoning for choices. The person who successfully chooses all (or the most) of the 4 names decided by popular vote will win the competition and receive my lightly used copy of "An Ethic of Excellence" by John Berger (which, you may have noticed, has been quoted in a number of articles). In the event of a tie, top competing candidates will be chosen at random. A single final selection of names and a competition winner are solely at the discretion of LearningWilds. Once selected, winning names connected with their mascot images and any uses of them will belong to LearningWilds.

Guidelines for names:
    -Need to represent known (not necessarily well-known or even famous) learners from history who are no longer living

    -Should come from a diverse set of learners from different contexts

    -Need to be learners who started from humble beginnings, progressed to be notable in multiple disciplines through personal learning and made a positive contribution to society

    -Need to represent 1 of 4 approaches to family learning (submissions need to offer a complete set of 4): classical, wholehearted, eclectic, and un-schooling

    -Should complete a set of learners from 4 eras: ancient, enlightenment, scientific reason, and modern (not necessarily in that order)

We look forward to see what you have to say!

Happy researching!

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