The philosophy of structuring classroom activities in such a way as to fit the individual learning needs of students.

Fun with Flask

The latest sandbox item has been Flask (in Python).

Making room for student interest in the MYP

With the obligations involved in managing MYP units, opportunities for student interest are not likely to easily receive priority in the planning o

Fun with Arduino

A combination of personal interest and interest from the ModSpace and Your Element After School Activities has brought about some recent experiment


Due to a somewhat unexpected bricks and mortar move, there has been a forced sabbatical from connectedness for the last couple of weeks+.

What About Math?

Over the course of the summer, this scenario came up.

The big and little picture of the Big Picture

The last week of June was a Big Picture Australia event at Silkwood School. A lot happened between then and now, so this is a bit late.


Most human organizations and systems are designed with the goal of self-preservation and continuation. Look at governments as an example.

Cloudy with a Chance of MAAS

Putting it together was not as easy as had been thought, but the OpenStack cluster is now up and going.

Reasons to use Mahara for e-portfolios

For the past 2 years, Mahara has been the solution for portfolios that I have used.

Excited for Next School Year

As the current school year is less than half over, it may seem a little strange. The interest is not for dislike of this year or anything.


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