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Broaden the Spotlight

Career Spotlight is a nice place to start thinking about careers, but you might want to go f

Career Spotlight

A number of us get to be adults and yet are not sure what to do when grown up.


For the most part, slots for online resources reviewed here are saved for more out of the way sites that are not typically intended as material for

Off-Roading It

Ever wondered what people do in life without school or structured learning? Ever considered exiting from school or not bothering with university?

Tons of Personality

One great way to think and learn about our lives is to know about the lives of others.

Unusual Sites and Odd Stories

There is nothing like a little surprise to make life more interesting.

The Cutting Edge

Most of us don't have the privilege or opportunity to give our kids direct experiences with the latest in technological advances.

How Can I Know What's Out There?

Knowing that there are loads of Open Source Software tools out there to use is a nice feeling.

The Homeschool Solutions Show

Some people follow the belief that we parents operate at the same age level as that of our children.

Making a Bit of Music

Though it is really for music gear heads who get into the intricacies of mixing, syncing and things, The Ga


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