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You Should See This

Most of the online reviews here are for the actual sources of videos or other materials, so this one is a bit different.

A New Ride: Extra's

So far the A New Ride series has looked at regular homeschool co-op activities and resource

Technology in a Primitive Light

Perhaps it's becoming a bit obvious, but the term technology is given some space for interpretation here on LearningWilds.

A New Ride: Resource Management

The last installment of the A New Ride series discussed ways that we can act within regular

LearningWilds Mascot Naming Competition

LearningWilds has 4 mascots in its logo: an elephant, a bird, a turtle and a monkey, none of whom has a name.

Beyond Print

Being the big guy in the world of the printing press, the namesake of this web site was definitely about print.

A New Ride: Member Contribution

RE: Everything

There is always room for "How It's Made" types of videos, and there are plenty of them available out on the net.

Why Read This Stuff?

This web site made a substantive change in direction a little more than six months ago.

A New Ride

Anyone involved In homeschooling is heading the right direction from the Big Education wreck.

Get Real

The YouTube channel's by-line is "Extreme Speculation," and some of it (like hypothesizing what would happen if the Roman Empire reunited again tod

Replacing the Titanic

The numbers show up in the media frequently. Whether we recognize it or not, the majority of us in the "homeschooling" crowd (in the U.S.

Mission Update

As a result of some reflection, the LearningWilds Mission Statement has been clarified.

Top of the List?

The sources reviewed here are mostly chosen because of overall outstanding quality and usefulness for homeschooling.

Scuttled 2

For anyone used to more practical thoughts about learning, sorry about the recent lapses into bird's eye perspective.

Get the Glow

Sometimes preparing learning activities can tyrannically keep us running in a survival state.


The Deck Chairs series has talked about the epic importance that home learning holds for eve

Break Extended to Jan. 7

Because of circumstances, the LearningWilds break will need to be extended to January 7, 2018. Apologies again for any inconvenience.

LearningWilds on Break, Nov. 24 - Dec. 17

Sorry for any inconvenience, but regular LearningWilds activities on Facebook,, and YouTube, as well as any correspondence will

Broaden the Spotlight

Career Spotlight is a nice place to start thinking about careers, but you might want to go f

Scuttle Those Deck Chairs 2

The first article of this series, Scuttle Those Deck Chairs. .

Career Spotlight

A number of us get to be adults and yet are not sure what to do when grown up.

Scuttle Those Deck Chairs. . .


For the most part, slots for online resources reviewed here are saved for more out of the way sites that are not typically intended as material for

Myths About Learning 4-- Professionalization

The recent celebration centering around the 500th anniversary of the Reformation has brought about reflections on various aspects of society.

Zotero and the Big6

The features and capabilities in Zotero are great for keeping a permanent library of online information for p

Un-Quantification 2

Let's do some pretending.

Zorro? No, Zotero

Heroes don't necessarily need to be dressed in black, swash-buckling, suave, and masked.

Fun with the Big6

With all of the business about skills, curriculum, growth, projects and things, talking about using the Big6 can see

Off-Roading It

Ever wondered what people do in life without school or structured learning? Ever considered exiting from school or not bothering with university?


Tipo and Chaca, Emperor's</body></html>

Getting Really Portable

You've heard plenty about Open Source Software on LearningWilds, and this one is great for Windows because it involves Open Source.

More on the Big6

You've made steps for using the Big6 to get on the road to immersive learning in homeschool. So where to next?

Tons of Personality

One great way to think and learn about our lives is to know about the lives of others.

Getting Started with the Big6

After reading Real, Accesible Learning, you might be interested in giving the

Unusual Sites and Odd Stories

There is nothing like a little surprise to make life more interesting.

Real, Accessible Learning

The Cutting Edge

Most of us don't have the privilege or opportunity to give our kids direct experiences with the latest in technological advances.

How Can I Know What's Out There?

Knowing that there are loads of Open Source Software tools out there to use is a nice feeling.

Myths About Learning 2-- Compartmentalization

The whole introduction to this article is actually "Myths About Learning", which would help

Further Into Open Source

The recent article "Getting Started with Open Source", covered some options for trying out O

Myths About Learning

A lot of conversations between education and learning at home in our age might be almost hysterical if they didn't deal with the lives of so many.

Getting Started with Open Source

You may have heard this before, but Open Source Software is great.

The Homeschool Solutions Show

Some people follow the belief that we parents operate at the same age level as that of our children.

Technology and Learning for the Rest of Us

If you have the money and opportunity to revamp your current fleet of devices, the ideas from "T

Apple's Best Kept Secret for Home Learning

Making a Bit of Music

Though it is really for music gear heads who get into the intricacies of mixing, syncing and things, The Ga

Technology and Learning

Though the question is not new for learning, technology and what to do with it is almost always debated, especially in schools.

Some Online Safety Sites

Along with the public library, the internet ends up being a mainstay resource for families learning at home.

Please Review Your Online Materials

The habit is pretty obvious, basic even. But we all know the crunch of time raises the temptation of skipping it.


If someone were to ask why we are having our children do a specific activity in the routine of learning or why are we having them do that activity

More Technology in a Different Light

In keeping with the theme from the "An American Homestead" review, here is another rustic we

Why not "homeschooling"?

Ok, it's a potentially divisive or easily misunderstood title. But it is relevant.

What Do You Do With All That. . .

Way back at the beginning of my life as a teacher, one of the biggest sources of angst that my colleagues and I experienced was about time.

Technology in a Different Light

"An American Homestead" is a website with a video series following a family who moved from urban to r

Watching Some Making

Enjoying Adam Savage's vlog, Tested.

Another Chapter

The gap year this year involves learning at home for the first time. This is a new thing, which comes with lots of learning in itself.

Fun at the Jinqiao Mini Maker Faire

Lots of crafts, technology, jewelry, programming, ideas, live music and, oh yeah-- technology, was on hand as part of the activities at the faire.

Fun with Flask

The latest sandbox item has been Flask (in Python).

Making room for student interest in the MYP

With the obligations involved in managing MYP units, opportunities for student interest are not likely to easily receive priority in the planning o

Fun with Arduino

A combination of personal interest and interest from the ModSpace and Your Element After School Activities has brought about some recent experiment


Due to a somewhat unexpected bricks and mortar move, there has been a forced sabbatical from connectedness for the last couple of weeks+.

What About Math?

Over the course of the summer, this scenario came up.

The big and little picture of the Big Picture

The last week of June was a Big Picture Australia event at Silkwood School. A lot happened between then and now, so this is a bit late.


Most human organizations and systems are designed with the goal of self-preservation and continuation. Look at governments as an example.

Cloudy with a Chance of MAAS

Putting it together was not as easy as had been thought, but the OpenStack cluster is now up and going.

Reasons to use Mahara for e-portfolios

For the past 2 years, Mahara has been the solution for portfolios that I have used.

Excited for Next School Year

As the current school year is less than half over, it may seem a little strange. The interest is not for dislike of this year or anything.

Just In (Ahead of) Time

Thinking back to some of those ideas that were labelled “a good idea that was ahead of its time”, one can see that there seems to be a narrowing gap b

Wanted: High-level Guidelines for Class-support

On-going discussion over how in-class support should be conducted throughout schoolwide curricula seems to be occurring in many places.

Quotes of Mention

Some quotes that just need to be noted from "You are not a Gadget" by Jaron Lanier:

    How Intentional is It?

    Just one of the ironies of life here. Although many comments could go along with this, the picture speaks pretty well for itself. . .

    Old Lessons Reapplied Via Information Systems Committee

    Reflection from the Information System Committee has leaked over to another area.

    Consideration, Concentration, Renovation and Innovation

    Participation in the school Information Systems Committee is a great thinking and learning

    Learning or Education?

    The "human growth ecosystem" chart from the other week could use some good crit

    Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

    Comments from the Writing and Publishing workshop the other week were a good reminder of the usefulness of something that I have taken for granted for

    Reflection on Growth Attitude and Learning

    Perhaps this is not much of a revelation to anyone else, but this graph is the result of some thinking about growth attitude and learning.

    Collaboration Readiness

    This past week has held abundant opportunities outside of the regular workflow for collaboration and discussion with colleagues.

    Collaboration, Brainstorming and Products of Experiencing Differentiation Examples

    Practice work from the latest professional development-- parts of processes and conversations.

    Xtra Tripping

    (an edited re-blog from the work wiki a while back)

    Writing and Publishing

    Preparing for this workshop is fun!

    It all counts (or does it. . . ?)

    The end of the semester is a time to summarize marks. Meaning is conveyed through numbers-- is it received?

    Why Am I (are we) Stuck?

    Just a couple of pages have had an effect.


    Do you teach brainstorming techniques? When you use digital mind-mapping tools, do you miss the immediacy of pen on paper?

    Items of interest

    What's Interesting?
    (not necessarily in order. . .)


    The many uses of micro-blogging

    So it's that time of the semester again and the grade databases are getting their exercise again.

    Differentiation development

    Before break, we enjoyed development sessions on differentiation with Bill and Ochan.

    Global Education Group Work

    Future of Learning Brainstorming

    Learning 2.010-- Shanghai
    Future of Learning Cohort
    Brainstorming session

    Back from an extended time away

    As can be seen from the last entry, it has been a long time. A lot of change has taken place and has kept the priority away from blog writing.

    First Workshop of the School Year

    Last Tuesday was the day for the "On-line Personal Development Resource Swap".

    The LearningWilds Mission

    Ideas about creativity, thinking, technology and life with the goals of encouraging vitality, freedom, sustainability and quality in learning.

    Web 2.0?

    As content grows on this site, you will probably notice little mention of web 2.0 services.

    Welcome to LearningWilds!

    Hello! Great to see you!

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