Technology in a Primitive Light

Perhaps it's becoming a bit obvious, but the term technology is given some space for interpretation here on LearningWilds. Or maybe it is just related to in different contexts. The discussion has been pretty down to earth at points, and today we'll go a bit deeper with that.

The "Primitive Technology" YouTube channel is really about technology, though on a different level than that which most of us relate to it on. The theme of it is a really rudimentary sense of using ideas and creative crafting skills to fit into the surrounding world.

This video series places a person (looks like his name is John) on a piece of land. Facing the wild in a pair of shorts and armed with a video camera, he uses strictly the surrounding plants, earth, rock and work to sculpt an environment suitable for living. Hand-building rock tools and basic hand-drill fire starting are the beginning point for surprisingly sophisticated projects.

The 5 to 15 minute long building videos are fittingly reflective of the natural environment, as they are silent-- absent of discussion and background music of any type. Necessary information about any given process is sufficiently provided through camera work and rare uses of titles.

Over time, the collection of survival accessories and shelters grows to include sandals, hand-weapons, kilns, machines, various tiled roofs, and even an adobe house complete with fireplace and heated floor. The series allows us to live vivaciously through building projects most of us would never think of or have the patience to see through to completion. As can be surmised, crafting skills observed in the process include wood craft, pot sculpting, weaving, and rope work just for starters.

PT is a great example for creative use of found materials and learning. This is apparently his hobby, which involves researching the techniques used for the projects. Seeing the ways materials can be processed completely by hand for very practical applications can really spark new thoughts on creating things and improve environmental intelligence.

Despite a growing number of bushcraft channels, "Primitive Technology" is a unique YouTube experience which introduces a very different branch of making. Building projects and camera work for these videos have to consume a great deal of time and effort, so releases are going to be understandably fitting. The channel has a Patreon page, and is likewise deserving of support to keep it running, so please visit and support as you are able.

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