Fun with Arduino


A combination of personal interest and interest from the ModSpace and Your Element After School Activities has brought about some recent experimentation with Arduino. Among other things, a number of students are talking about r/c, circuitry and other related projects.

It all started with an Ardublock starter kit-- playing with sensors and various output devices. Well, it couldn't stay there. Soon there was programming the ready-made miniq.

Although soldering has been avoided because of lack of equipment, the robot kit has pushed it over the edge. The step into platforms has also led away from pre-packaged materials. So now considerations of board and component compatibility are expanding the comfort zones.

Part of the challenge in all of this has been that all of the documentation coming with this stuff is completely Chinese. Thankfully, many of the documents are available online in English. There are exceptions here and there, making interpretation interesting at points.

All said and done, Arduino shows some great potential with shields and components for future expansion. Can't wait for the robot platform to approach the point where new options for control are open.