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A number of us get to be adults and yet are not sure what to do when grown up. Granted we are all in a continuous learning process, but it still seems odd. There may be a number of reasons this is the case. Part of it may be that people don't really take the time for thorough consideration. Another may be that we mostly familiarize ourselves with the basics about certain general ones.

One good way to help the situation is to get the thoughts flowing and build a bit of time into everyday life to think on these lines. was a good place to do this, but their materials have recently been retired. The good news is that their videos about careers have been moved to YouTube, so they are still available.

This collection of shorts covers a variety of different careers. In 2-4 minutes, each one interviews working people, asking standard questions one would think of regarding a job. So in a relatively short period, you get ideas about the positives and challenges of a job, suggestions for how to pursue that direction, and what to do if you are interested and want to find out more.

This is for a good number of careers ranging from dentist or dog-trainer, to archaeologists and even treasurer of the United States. So you even get some rather unique options with it. They generally use fairly clear language, so could find use ranging from mid-elementary to perhaps mid-junior high ages.

As the videos are retired, some are a bit dated. But for many of the careers, this type of basic information does not have much of an expiration date as such, especially since it is more about general ideas. These are things that can be looked at per video. And for anything that really catches some interest, further research could help bring some more accurate and up-to-date details. Despite the date limitations, the videos are generally quite consistent and reasonably well-produced.

Career Spotlight is a nice, low impact way to introduce children to some of the variety of careers out there. The videos can help fill in some of the blanks on careers that you frequently hear mentioned but can never entirely give a solid explanation of. They are by no means a replacement for deeper research into areas of personal interest or actually talking to active career people, but they are a good starting off point. Since their move to YouTube, I have not seen enough of them to have a good handle on their YouTube ad status, so a quick preview couldn't hurt.

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