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Sometimes preparing learning activities can tyrannically keep us running in a survival state. But the greatest overall effect and value for progress is found in bigger ideas and principles. If you are in the market for some such things, and like the flavor of the Off-Trail Learning podcast, this one could be what you're looking for. The Luminous Mind podcast goes in about that direction, only instead of focusing mostly on the learners as does OTL, it generally follows thought leaders who help to shape alternative learning.

LM is an interview style podcast which follows question-answer format for about a 45 minute average episode. Topics covered, as mentioned before, are typically things that can influence ones' general well-being and approach to homeschooling or un-schooling.

Program guests can be the leaders of learning organizations like online companies, practitioners of various disciplines that may relate directly or indirectly to learning at home and subject matter experts. LM has hundreds of episodes available covering a very wide range of subjects. The material is so broad and interviews so plentiful that you will need to be selective of what to listen to. Whether it is about innovation, language learning for homeschoolers, the history of education or whatever, there is more than enough here to keep you listening for a good long time. And that is apart from the consistent flow of new episodes.

As you have probably guessed, LM is really most useful as a support resource for un-schooling parents. Some occasional episodes may be ones you would want to share with your kids also, as discussions may cover specialized knowledge they could be interested in. But overall, expect it more to help you to be better connected and more situated in what you do.

For parents in un-schooling/homeschooling families, The Luminous Mind is a helpful way to take a step back, reflect, and help restore a feeling of where to go next. The episodes introduce helpful new directions that a lot of resources simply would not cover. As you will likely find the podcast beneficial, please support it in some way to help keep it available.

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