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The YouTube channel's by-line is "Extreme Speculation," and some of it (like hypothesizing what would happen if the Roman Empire reunited again today) definitely includes quite a bit of that. On the other hand, the stories involve science, math, history, geography and a lot of other pretty practical stuff along the way.

Real Life Lore asks a lot of "what-if" and "why" questions, and will not disappoint with the extent to which they take it. From exploring how we might squeeze everyone in the world into a single building to how you can make plans to name the real ninth planet of the solar system, the material covers some rather extensive territory.

RLL takes a similar path to Half as Interesting (which you may remember from a few months back), only venturing into the more hypothetical and sometimes extraterrestrial. There is quite a bit of variety here and it expands every couple of weeks. Episodes range between 5 and 9 minutes of well-produced graphics and video, which can help to initiate some explorative notions.

The audience for this YouTube channel is not children, so a good look through is recommended before using videos. The primary purpose is that some of the videos can get pretty complex (if not just oblique), so consider it with a good grasp of where your learner is at.

For a bit of a foray into unusual and alternate-scenarios, Real Life Lore has a good selection of episodes. As with many of the resources reviewed here, please help support RLL to keep them around if you are able. Oh, and be careful what kinds of construction/empire-building projects you might be inspired to start after watching them. . .

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