LearningWilds Mascot Naming Competition

LearningWilds has 4 mascots in its logo: an elephant, a bird, a turtle and a monkey, none of whom has a name.

Why Read This Stuff?

This web site made a substantive change in direction a little more than six months ago.

A New Ride

Anyone involved In homeschooling is heading the right direction from the Big Education wreck.

Replacing the Titanic

The numbers show up in the media frequently. Whether we recognize it or not, the majority of us in the "homeschooling" crowd (in the U.S.

Mission Update

As a result of some reflection, the LearningWilds Mission Statement has been clarified.

Scuttled 2

For anyone used to more practical thoughts about learning, sorry about the recent lapses into bird's eye perspective.


The Deck Chairs series has talked about the epic importance that home learning holds for eve

Break Extended to Jan. 7

Because of circumstances, the LearningWilds break will need to be extended to January 7, 2018. Apologies again for any inconvenience.

LearningWilds on Break, Nov. 24 - Dec. 17

Sorry for any inconvenience, but regular LearningWilds activities on Facebook,, and YouTube, as well as any correspondence will

Scuttle Those Deck Chairs 2

The first article of this series, Scuttle Those Deck Chairs. .


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